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Smolov Jr. (Bench Press & Squat) + My Results Smolov is a 13 week weightlifting program used to increase your strength in the Bench Press or Back Squat. It incorporates progressive overload, meaning a calculated increase in weight over the 13 week cycle that should result in a significant personal best Smolov Jr is a shorter version of the full Smolov program, lasting only 3 weeks. It is often run for the squat or the bench press. Unlike the full Smolov program, Smolov Jr can be run twice in a row if a week of rest is taken between cycles. Here is what you can expect during each training week for Smolov Jr Smolov Jr. Calculator. Generates a 3 week workout based on your current 1 rep maximu Smolov Jr. is a 4 week program that feeds off of the Base MesoCycle of the original Smolov squat routine. It's the meat and potatoes of the 13 week program and will have you dreading squat days by the end. You are going to be tired and you are going to be sore. You will want to give up but do not give in

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  1. Smolov Bench Routine. If you survive the Smolov squat routine and fancy bringing up your lagging bench, you can return to the trenches for another 4 weeks of war with the iron. This is essentially an adaptation of the squat routine's base mesocycle and is known as Smolov Jr. It involves benching 4 times a week for 3 weeks followed by a final.
  2. A lesser known, but still incredibly effective, variant of the Smolov squat program is affectionately known as the Smolov Jr. cycle. It's not nearly as brutal as the original squat program, but still enormously challenging
  3. This month (Dec 2017) I ran Smolov Jr on both my Back Squat and Bench Press. It's a three week program designed to improve your one rep max. I tested both mi..

Smolov Jr is just a benching session, once that's done resume normal service on your other muscle groups for the rest of your workout. Additional Benefits of Smolov Jr Okay, as you're going to be hitting bench 12 times in a 3 week period - expect your form improve dramatically It is fine to do smolov jr for bench in conjunction with squat and deadlift, I would say it is preferable to split them into an am and pm session if you can, but many times I did both (bench first though) in one session. I would include at least one rowing movement and one pullup/chinup movement per week to balance against benching Smolov Jr. is what I credit with my bench getting to where it is. I hit a plateau at 135kg 1rm, and just couldn't seem to shift it. did Smolov for three weeks, did a mini peak for another and, boom, 150kg. 15kg in 3 weeks, just as promised. My bench has been growing ever since. I should probably run Smolov again Calorie deficit meal prep (discount code hadyn10) - https://www.musclefood.com/hadynwiseman Learn Tricking - https://www.kojostricklab.com/?wpam_id=78 Bodywe.. Smolov Jr. on the other hand is commonly used for a variety of lifts. Though, the two most common are squatting and bench press. Still, there are message boards filled with folks that have used this protocol to improve their deadlift, shoulder press or even weighted chin ups

The day is here! MAX DAY! I improved greatly in my bench max and I share some thoughts about the Smolov Jr Bench Program The Smolov Jr. has you benching four times a week combining heavy weights and high volume. The workouts are long and taxing both mentally and physically; however, if you can survive the onslaught,..

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Smolov Jr for Bench program review! - Duration: 4:59. Jordan Lau 8,577 views. 4:59. How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program - Duration: 17:13.. The full Smolov cycle is a brutal 13 week reckoning. In the tables below, all percentages are based off your 1 rep max (check out our smolov calculator or app to compute your weights). At a high level, the program consists of the following: Phase In This initial two week phase is all about getting [ Instead of deloading I decided to try a smolov jr bench cycle. I used 10 lbs less than my calculated one rep max (325) because most forums recommend using a conservative 1RM when running the routine the first time. Starting stats: Male 20 ht: 6' wt: 203 lbs bench: 5x280. I was prepared for some difficult workouts but Madcow doesn't really prepare you well for the amount of volume you do in the. Smolov Jr. Bench Results My buddy is an ex-college football player (O-lineman) who is 24 years old, 6'2, and 270 lbs. (at the end of the cycle). He was diagnosed with a strained ACL recently, and is also still burnt out from the training he has done over the past 10 or so years of his life for football, and he told me he wanted to just get his bench up

Smolov Jr. Bench 125kg 1RM > I'll try tomorrow, but probably around 140kg. Reply. patricky says. September 27, 2013 at 14:29. Whats Smolov Alpha lay out? (google dont help much) Reply. Jeff Diritto says. September 29, 2013 at 13:24. did smolov 1-2 years back, altering it to fit on a M/W/F schedule. Similar to Nate I would put a chair a foot or so from the rack and after most sets would. Smolov is a 13 week weightlifting program used to increase your strength in the Back Squat.It is recommended that you complete this routine only if your back squat has reached a plateau.. This is a very intense program that will see you squatting up to four times a week with little in the way of accessory work. You need to be on top of your diet, recovery and sleep in order to maximise the.

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  1. Smolov Jr. is a three-week program that comes from the Russian squat routine known as Smolov. The big difference is it's 1/5 as long and not nearly as taxing on your body. Another difference is Smolov Jr. can be used on other lifts besides the squat and is actually quite commonly used on the bench press. The majority of users report that they add 20-35 pounds to their squat or deadlift, and.
  2. Ran a Smolov Jr cycle since my paused bench didn't move during the last Cube cycle. Previous PR Paused -> 265lb !Paused -> 275lb New PR Paused -> 28..
  3. 13 votes, 46 comments. I previously ran Smolov Jr. last summer and got my bench from 200 to 245 but my bench has stalled since then. I want to run
  4. Mogwoggle on reddit put together a really nice spreadsheet that combines the Smolov Jr. and 5/3/1 into one program. I put together a spreadsheet (based off of MEatRHIT's original Workout2.xls file) that incorporates both of these, with a light bench that allows to test a 1RM on the deload week. OHP also shows up on deload week, in case you wanted to give it a go as well
  5. ués. A nouveau, ce programme ne dure que 6 semaines avant modification
  6. Smolov Jr. is a popular variant from the original Smolov squat cycle. The difference is, Smolov Jr. can be used in a variety of different lifts, and is only three weeks long. This high volume, high frequency routine will have you lifting four days per week, with the option to spread it over three days per week

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  1. e with it. PR before Smolov Jr. 130kg Paused ~90kg PR after Smolov Jr. 140kg Paused ~93kg . PR before Modified Smolov Jr. 140kg Paused 145kg Paused fail at top due to weakness. PR after Modified Smolov Jr. 150kg Paused *I was and still 18 years old when I collected the data. Similarities: Same arithmetic strength.
  2. Smolov Jr is a powerful, three week fitness program based on the Russian Smolov routine, but tailored to be less strenuous and more versatile. After this three week routine, many lifters report a significant increase in their lifting capacity - as much as 35 lbs for their dead lift and 25 lbs for their bench press
  3. Smolov Jr is a 3 week training routine derived from the base mesocycle of the Smolov Russian squat routine. Apparently it's easier and can be used for a variety of lifts. In my case, I'm going to be using this routine for the bench press. Bench press will be done 4 times per week, with escalating intensities as the week progresses
  4. The essential guido to gains with Smolov Jr. Based on what I gathered you can expect gains between 5 - 15kg within a month or 10 - 30 pounds. This blog post will outline the smolov jr program, publically available results reports and a mathematical approach to underpin these most likely outcomes, if you decide to go on the program
  5. Smolov Jr works in the range of six to three repetition per set. You will do 36, 35, 32 and 30 repetitions during one week. While the number of repetitions decreases, the load increases. Based on this it is in the optimal range in terms of repetitions per set according to the Prilepin chart but above the recommendations in terms of total range

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The smolov junior cycle brought my bench press from 225 to 255 which is an impressive leap. I then injured myself (some kind of pec strain) a couple weeks into the rest of the cycle. Honestly, it was a poor choice for me given my level of experience Smolov Jr. is simply an extract from the original Smolov program (specifically the Base Mesocycle). It gained notoriety back in 2014 when Matt Ogus (Flexforall2 on YouTube) made some adjustments and started incorporating it into his off-season training. The percentages are as follows Smolov Jr. for Bench. Training Logs. goochadamg 2009-05-24 02:50:06 UTC #1. I have a knee injury, so I figured I'd let it rest and focus on my bench. This is based off of a 305 max. The last I benched was 300 for 2. I've been out of the gym for 2 weeks. :-/ Program was completed with a max bench of 320, paused. I am now following 5/3/1. Thursday, 4-2-09 Bench: 135x5 185x3 215x6x6 (70%) DB Rows. Smolov jr is a three week program derived from the infamous Smolov squat routine. It's as intense as it short, but well worth it if you can handle it. Although Smolov was originally designed for the squat, Smolov Jr can be used for other lifts such as the military press or the bench press

Smolov Jr. for bench Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Johnny442, Jul 20, 2017. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Jul 20, 2017 #1. Johnny442 Member. Any of you guys ever ran this program? I decide to give it a shot. It's an ass load of benching for 3 weeks. Tuesday was 6x6 w/250 Today-7x5 270 The next 2 bench days would be Sat and Sun according to the spreadsheet, but I'm going with Friday. Obviously Smolov Jr. can be done for squat but anyne try it for bench press? It says on this site that it can be done with bench press. The Smolov Jr is a 3 week routine/rep scheme (although many have stretched it out to 4 or even 6 weeks). It's less difficult than the similar base cycle of the full Smolov and is better suited to more lifts (e.g., it works well for bench) Smolov Jr. [Bench] - Results So I finished my first run of smolov jr for bench, decided to post my results for anyone on the fence or looking for a way to bring up their bench. Background info: - Always had a sh!t bench - Injuries currently keeping me from squatting and deadlifting (can only RDL at this point) - Wanted to get my bench up, had more time to focus on it Routine: ** Anything. Three weeks ago, I decided on a whim to run Smolov Jr. to improve my garbage bench. I wanted to share my experience with it, in case anyone would find it helpful. I have to admit, I also wanted to humblebrag a little about my progress. Stats:Female, 54, 123 lbs Diet:Attempt to eat 2300 calories e..

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Smolov Jr. for bench: It was the third time I run it for the bench, with positive results each time. I went from 140 to 150kg during my first run, 150 to 160 during my second and I added another 10 kilos to my max this time. All of this happened in a span of around 1 year Q: I'd like to do one or more Smolov Jr cycles to boost my bench press, with help from testosterone propionate injections. I have gotten to 275 lb 1RM at a bodyweight of 200, moderately lean. I want to reach 315. What do you think of this program, how would I do it, and how would I work anabolic steroid cycles into it? Also, if I later do a 13-week Smolov squat cycle, how would I time. Did Smolov Jr this time last year and pretty much agree with the above comments. Added 15 pounds to my touch-and-go bench 1RM but felt like I regressed quickly after backing off the volume. Timed correctly, I think that it could be a good peaking program. At least for me personally, the hardest part was Saturday. Mondays and Wednesdays were almost too easy, but Saturdays were the worst because. If you're doing smolov jr for the bench press, some will train the other 2 lifts with appropriate volume and intensity. Again, this is a personal decision. Accessory Work. If training the bench press, it would be reasonable to perform low volume accessory work for the upper back muscles. Any other accessory work, especially for the pressing muscles, is entirely unnecessary. If training the. Smolov Junior for Bench Press. Just as a brief note, a lot of people were wondering about Smolov Junior. Smolov Junior is just the base mesocycle from the Smolov Squat Routine with a small adjustment. Take a look. Note: Smolov Junior is not intended to be run for the full 13 Week Cycle. The only differences here are that instead of doing four sets of nine on Monday, you're doing six.

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  1. Het Smolov jr schema is een piekschema, waarbij je in drie weken in 12 keer zal bankdrukken, 93 sets zal maken, en in totaal 399 herhalingen. Dat is waarschijnlijk flink veel meer volume dan dat je normaal doet. Dat is ook waarom dit schema werkt. Dit is een 'peaking cycle', omdat je nooit een lange periode zoveel volume Lees meer
  2. Smolov isn't for new lifters, but if you have some experience under your belt (like with 5/3/1, starting strength, 20 squat, etc.), then this may be a great lifting protocol for you. Pro version let's you run multiple sessions at the same time, so if you want to do a Smolov Jr. bench and squat program, you can track both in this app. You can.
  3. Smolov Jr is a good option for a shock cycle on your weakest lift without going through the full three months of the bigger and more extensive Smolov program for squat. The final result has to be seen and I will report on a different post if I actually moved the needle on my bench press and by how much
  4. What about Smolov Jr? Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. It is also very often used for bench press. Some nutheads (myself included) may even run a double Smolov Jr. routine (bench and squat). You can read more info on the classic Smolov Jr. here and you can use our online Smolov Jr. calculator by following this link. Smolov explained. Smolov is.

Fri 85% 10x3 Add 5 - 10lbs to week 2's weights It's only a 3 week cycle and has much fewer reps/sets than full blown Smolov. I think you'd still be able to keep on keeping on in the rest of your training minus triceps (they'll be fried from the benching). You can adjust the days of the week you lift also, but it needs to be 4x/week Smolov Jr is a shortened version if the Smolov routine which was made available to the public through Pavel Tsatsouline. The original smolov routine consists of four cycles. These cycles are the introduction cycle, base cycle, switching cycle & intensity cycle. While smolov stretches over a time of 13 weeks, Smolov Jr. can be finished in three. To achieve this you only take out the base cycle. La récupération est compliquée et dans le smolov Jr, j'ai préféré zappé le sdt et le squat pour mettre juste l'accent sur le bench. Honnêtement, il faut envoyer en terme de calorie et repos et, même si je n'aime pas dire ça, il faut être on. Le smolov c'est dur, ça fait mal aux articulations, ça fatigue mais ça marche I also did Smolov Jr. a few months ago for bench and ended up with a 30 pound gain. Did Smolov for squat at the same time and got 35 pounds on that. Would recommend it to anyone that is at a sticking point. For only 3 weeks commitment you can beat the gain

I ran smolov jr for bench twice. Actually with only a week off in between them. I wouldnt really recomend doing that though, during the second run i got bad head aches and hard time sleeping, Obviously signs of overtraining. Even with that i still pushed the whole way through the second time and ended up doing pretty well. I would use 10lbs below your max when running it. As for doing other. My first cycle of Smolov Jr for bench I added 15 lbs on Week 2 and 10 lbs on Week 3. My 2nd cycle of Smolov Jr I added 10 lbs on Week 2 and 15 lbs on Week 3. It doesn't really matter, I added 15 lbs to my 1RM after each cycle. Good luck. 01-12-2012, 09:20 PM #10. hammerfelt. View Profile View Forum Posts Carnigen Lipocide stacked Join Date: Aug 2010 Age: 54 Posts: 7,105 Rep Power: 23020. I did. Smolov Jr Week 1 Day 1 Warm up - cable crossovers - 3x10 Bench - 8x4 - 205 Pulldowns - 3x10 Curls - 1x10 Notes: i got ****ed in the ass today, the first set felt like a ton of bricks. and my pec freakin hurts still, i can tell it's effecting my bench some because my left side sometimes comes up a little faster than my right. i got lazy with the icing because it was feeling good, i'll keep it.

Smolov Jr is the go to program from the Smolov family to boost this lift. The deadlift . The deadlift is very popular with younger lifters or beginners as it is fairly easy to pull a lot of weight quick. Very often technique is poor and has to be fixed as backs are being rounded. The internet is full of these examples and discussion and I will not bother you too much with it. What has to be. With this Smolov Jr. Calculator you can generate a 3 week Smolov Jr. cycle Julius Maddox, 723lbs American record bench; Alexey Nikulin squats 360 kg/794 lbs at 83 kg/183 lbs BW(raw, no wraps) Brian Shaw 1025 LB/466 KG deadlift in training; Archives. July 2019; June 2019; February 2019; October 2018 ; September 2018; August 2018; July 2018; March 2018; February 2018; January 2018; December. If you want to bring up your bench press, try a cycle of Smolov Jr. Instruction: open the spreadsheet in Google docs; go to 'File' - 'Make a Copy' o 'Download as' enter your max lift and hit the gym; via this Smolov Jr. Bench Report by a redditor. Related. Filed Under: bench press, Smolov JR, spreadsheet, training program. About Gregor Winter. Hi, I run ATG. Follow me on.

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  2. Smolov Jr är alltså en förkortad version av Smolov Squat Routine som ska kunna användas för vilket lyft som helst. Det verkar vara vanligast att nyttja programmet specifikt för bänkpress och då kallas det även för Smolov Junior for Bench Press. Smolov Jr består av tre veckors träning med fyra träningspass per vecka. Programmet.
  3. Smolov Jr. Bench Press - Test Max. Bench Press: 250×1, 265×1; Note: Bench felt ok, but didn't quite hit what I was hoping for. This was 5 lbs. less than what I did before starting Smolov Jr. I felt weaker off the chest than normal, but I was able to move it well enough. I couldn't get my set up right, it's like I forgot how to get my body into position. Everything just feels weird.
  4. 1.Bench:105kg→120kg (Smolov jr.) (+14.3%) 120kg→125kg (Smolov IC) (+4.2%) 拿for Sqaut的課表跑Bench果然不是好選擇lol 臥推還是要靠大量的volume來堆比較實際 而且受傷的風險也提高不划算 2.Sqaut:170kg→190kg (Smolov jr.) (+11.8%) junior的部分還是很給力的提供了10%的成長幅度 影片中180kg及190kg分別為第一把跟第三把 第二把.
  5. Cycle: Smolov Jr for Squat and Bench; Status: Completed; Gain: Squat 385 to 435 - 50 lbs Bench 255 to 275 - 20 lbs Deadlift 425 to 455 - 30 lbs (Since I was maxing on squat and bench I decided to max out on DL) The program felt tough and I'm feeling a bit banged up, but the gains were worth it. For those that have run multiple cycles of either the base meso or the entire cycle, how long do.

Smolov and Smolov Jr Program Spreadsheets. Ah, yes. The infamous Smolov program for squats and Smolov Jr for squat and/or bench. If you're willing to build these lifts at any cost (e.g. a record attempt) then this might be the ticket! While not recommended for general strength work, as articulated well Half Marathon Training Program Spreadsheets. Running a half marathon is far from. I decided to test my 1RM and then run Smolov Jr through to xmas. 26 November. Bench Press - 5 x 60kg, 5 x 80kg, 5 x 90kg, 5 x 100kg, 1 x 115kg, 0 x 120kg. 28 November. Back Squat - 10 x 60kg, 5 x 80kg, 5 x 95kg, 5 x 110kg, 3 x 120kg, 1 x 130kg, 0 x 135kg . In both cases I feel like I had a good chance of completing the final lift if I hadn't done the penultimate lift. I also thought my. This is the final update for my Smolov squat routine. It's taken me a while to update because I skipped a month (more on that soon) and was slow to write this post. I choose the Smolov routine as a test to improve the weight I squat having been stuck on 100kg (220lb) for two years or more. Any other gains like a weight gain or deadlift gain were a bonus. If you missed the previous posts.

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Smolov Bench Routine. Si vous survivez à la routine squat de Smolov et que vous ayez l'envie de monter votre Bench désormais en retard, vous pouvez retourner dans les tranchées pendant encore 4 semaines de guerre avec la fonte.. Il s'agit essentiellement d'une adaptation du mésocycle de base au squat et est connu sous le nom de Smolov Jr.Cela demande de Bencher 4 fois par semaine. Yo les quilles Voilà depuis plusieurs mois je me cantonais à taper du 3x3 ou 3 x 5 reps au squats, et je pense qu'au bout d'un moment il serait sympa de rajouter un peu de volume dans tout.

Smolov Junior for Bench. In questa versione, il volume di allenamento rimane identico ma il cambiamento si riscontra nel rapporto tra serie e ripetizioni, dove le prime sono aumentate e le seconde sono diminuite. Questo rende il programma molto più confortevole e ci permette di mantenere un livello tecnico più alto grazie alle basse ripetizioni. Smolov Switching Phase . Nella fase di. Mon compte. Retour Jeux. Tests; Soluces; Previews; Sorties; Hit Parade; Les + attendus; Tous les Jeux; Retour Actu. Réalité Virtuell

Smolov Jr. for Bench and Squat Smolov junior is a thee week intermediate loading training program that is based on the base mesocycle(Accumulation block) in Smolov Sr. The Smolov Jr. focused around squatting and/or benching 4 times per week over a period of 3 weeks Smolov is a program that boasts that it can help you increase your squat by 100 lbs 3 months. It is a squatting program founded by Master of Sport Science, Sergey Smolov. There is a bench press and squat variation too called Smolov jr. These programs are designed to greatly improve your squat, or bench in a short amount of time Download Smolov Squat Calculator and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎No more fiddling with spreadsheets and print outs at the gym. This app calculates the weights you should use, based on your one rep max, for the 3-week Smolov Jr. and 13-week Full Smolov Squat protocols Friday before Smolov my 1RM was 244lb and I was hoping for 264lb on retest day. I got that and it was very straightforward so I went up 5% and finished with a solid 277lbs. Delighted with this program, sure those might not be amazing numbers, but my bench was well and truly stuck and Smolov jr has given it the kick up the arse it needs. Next. 'Smolov Junior' is an abbreviated variation of one of his training formulas but using the same high-volume principles. It can be used as effectively for the bench press or the squat but it is not generally suitable for beginners

The Smolov Jr. for Bench program is based off the Russian squat routine known as Smolov. It is shortened to 3 weeks, however, and you don't need to be an advanced lifter to take advantage of this program. It is set up as follows: It is generally not recommended to do other presses while doing this program I ran smolov Jr followed by the intense phase of regular smolov for the bench. Its doable, just stay up to par on your shoulder work and use 5-10% less than your max. I got 45 pounds on my bench in 2.5 months of training. You could do smolov JR for deadlifts but not full smolov A good lower body program to run with smolov jr. (I ONLY PLAN TO RUN ONE) If it is just bench,chins,rows,curls i think it should work for pretty much everyone though.. @TheBB. for example. accessory work might vary depending on your weakness. Anyways heres a 3 tip from ek for bench. Maybe it might help you. 1. Stay within the plane of motion of your bench- no dips, chins, OHP, or inclines. This Russian squat cycle has also been used by many for other lifts such as the bench press, shoulder press and deadlift with big jumps in strength. Smolov isn't for new lifters, but if you have..

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The Smolov Squat program is 13 weeks long and separated into 4 phases. Phase In - Weeks 1 and 2 are spent prepping for the following weeks. Base Cycle - Weeks 3,4, and 5 accumulate a ton of volume by squatting 4 times a week. You then re-test your your 1RM in week 6 Smolov Jr. Bench Press Results - 50lbs in 6 weeks My bench jumped from 265 to 315 in six weeks. Now, I need to qualify that statement by noting that I had benched 315 a few years ago in college, hovered around 300 thereafter, and then finally took a nose dive to 265 during a recent six month period of intense running and biking Very soon after, I decided to run Smolov Jr for bench. I mean, literally nothing to lose haha. Here's how it goes for those unfamiliar. Week 1 Monday 70% 6x6 Wednesday 75% 7x5 Friday 80% 8x4 Saturday 85% 10x3 Week 2 = Week 1 + 10 lbs Week 3 + week 2 + another 10 lbs Week 4 = rest and test 1RM on Saturday. I could not run the program as written due to recovery. I just turned 49 so not sure if.

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‎No more fiddling with spreadsheets and print outs at the gym. This app calculates the weights you should use, based on your one rep max, for the 3-week Smolov Jr. and 13-week Full Smolov Squat protocols. The app also makes it easy to keep track of where you are in the cycle. This Russian squat c Hey guys. I'm (David) trying out the Smolov Jr. training program for bench press. We'll see how this goes. Please THUMBS UP the video and hit that SUBSCRIBE. - I took my bench press from 165kg to 190kg in 6 weeks by bench pressing 5 days a week using various methods - I reached a 225kg front squat and 280kg high bar back squat by squatting 5-6 days a week - When I decided to hit my squat hard again after 6 years of almost not training legs I took my squat from 180kg to 230kg in 5 weeks training the squat 4-5 days a week. So, to me the Smolov.

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Smolov est une routine russe de Squat qui va booster votre Squat de 100lbs en seulement 13 semaines, même pour un drug free (si si) 4 weeks out from American Open.Week 1 Day 3 of Smolov Base Cycle for squats 7 sets of 5 reps with 155kg (set 6 didnt film) Smolov Jr. for bench 7 sets of 5 with 116kg.Last day of Base Week 1: 10x3 @ 210 Base Week 2: 4x9 @ 190 5x7 @ 205 (Birthday Squats!) 7x5 @ 215 10x3 @225 Last tested 1RM is 245 Smolov Jr for .Tried to go raw dog on Monday and that proved to be a bad idea Increase your squat, bench or deadlift by 10-30 lbs (5-15 kg) in just 3 weeks with Smolov Jr. And/or take on the 13-Week Smolov challenge to increase your lifts over 100 pounds/45 kilograms. This app calculates your numbers based on your 1-RM entry and you're good to go. All daily and weekly numbers will auto-populate for ease of use. Other features include: • 2 programs to choose from.

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The best bench press accessories are the ones that help an individual athlete improve their bench press. Often times, simply adding additional volume on the bench press is enough to improve an athlete's one rep max. Still, accessory movements can be productive more helping work through an athlete's sticking point (i.e. the point at which they miss a rep). Athletes that miss off the. Like I said, I've run through the logs of plenty of people who tried smolov jr. for bench and smolov at the same time. The majority give up on smolov jr.(~80%) Some get injured(~15%) Some make okay gains in both(~4%) Very few make great gains in both(~1%) Yes I'm just pulling these numbers out of nowhere but, they get my point across. jacketwrestler1, Dec 26, 2011 #14. Jester Don't rope swing.

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Thread: Smolov Jr for Bench. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; 12-15-2011, 09:26 AM #31. MortalWombat. View Profile View Forum Posts Member Join Date Jun 2009 Posts 15. Could Smolov Jr be stretched out something like this, so that you aren't doing two consecutive days in a row per week, or is there something special about 4 days per week? Week 1 Mon - 6x6x70% Wed - 7x5x75% Fri - 8x4x80. Sujet: Re: attila cycle de Smolov JR Mar 31 Aoû - 5:50: héhé ! ben ca va tu n'as pas perdu la main, la séance est bien sympa !.

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Very cool. I used Smolov Jr. for Bench this fall while between programs. Started at BW 203# with a calculated 1RM of 186, and used 175 instead. 25 days later, at BW #208.5, I maxed out a 1RM of 210. So, it worked really well, but I didn't bench again until 8 days later, and could only manage 185 x 3, so my advice for keeping the gains would involve some kind of cyclical programming with good. Feb 1, 2013 - Mogwoggle on reddit put together a really nice spreadsheet that combines the Smolov Jr. and 5/3/1 into one program. I put together a spreadsheet (based off of MEatRHIT's original Workout2.xls file) that incorporates both of these, with a light bench that allows to test a 1RM on the deload week. OHP also shows up on Sergey Smolov is known as The Russian Master of Sport and developed the 13 week Squat Program. It was popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline when he published it in a 2001 issue of Powerlifting USA.¹ . The whole cycle consists of 13 weeks of squatting, sometimes with additional work as well. It is broken down into several smaller cycles or phases. Below you can find the exact structure of the.

Smolov JrSmolov JR: The Best Bench Routine That You're Not DoingSmolov Bench Routine

My experience with the Smolov jr bench cycle

Smolov Jr. Bench Press Routine . Bench Press: 220×3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3; Deadlift-Sumo: 370×1,1,1,1,1; Barbell Rows: 4×8 - Superset - Triceps Pulldown: 3×10; Note: Bench felt decent this day. A little grindy towards the end sets, but not too bad. Did deadlifts sumo for five singles and they moved great; felt super easy. Light barbell rows for the back pendlay style with my bench grip. Smolov Jr. Calculator; 1RM Calculator; About. About; Personal Records; Contact; Berserk Barbell Strength & Mass Quest, striving to be the best. Home; Bodybuilding. Dennis Wolf Training Program July 20, 2017. Dennis Wolf back in the gym training after 1.5 year layoff July 18, 2017; Powerlifting. 3×3 - Squat: High Volume & Competition September 11, 2017. 3×3 - Basic Information September 4. Go HAM! Currently available in English, Deutsche, Pусский, Français, Português and Español. Look out for the following languages coming soon: 正体字/繁体字, 简化字, 日本語, 한국어, Italiano, Polskie, Nederlandse, Türkçe, اللغة العربية. Increase your squat, bench or deadlift by 10-30 lbs (5-15 kg) in just 3 weeks with Smolov Jr. and/or take on the 13-Week.

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This episode covers my last week of Smolov Jr., my bench max test day, and my transition into Sheiko programming. I tested my bench max 4 days after completing Smolov Jr. I ended up hitting 385# for a max single, and just barely missed 390# at lockout. While I'm not disappointed in that number itself, 385# is still only a 5 lb. PR. Of course, a PR is a PR, and I'm still happy with that. Smolov Jr, programme de prise de force Smolov Jr est un célèbre programme de prise de force sur 3 semaines pour un mouvement poly-articulaire (squat, développé couché ou soulevé de terre par exemples) pour les athlètes de force athlétisme et de powerlifting d'un niveau intermédiaire. Comment fonctionne le p rogramme de prise de force Smolov Jr ; Vérifiez les traductions'dynamophilie. Effective programming for the bench press requires well-planned progression, prevents overtraining, stimulates hypertrophy, and reinforces proper technique. I've used the following program with clients that are looking to add pounds to their bench press and extra pec mass. It's not uncommon with this program to see a 20-50 pound increase in a lifter's bench press over a 16-week training period. 2nd Workout - Smolov Jr. Bench Press Routine. Bench Press: 230×3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3; Note: Bench started off good, but ended up grinding it out at the end. Rough! This was the last week of the bench routine, so I'm glad to have completed it. Rest then test! Deadlift-Sumo: 405×1,1,1,1,1; Note: Easy! I need to be more patient and wait until I'm in position before starting the pull. For.

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